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Beauchamp City Sixth Form is now taking applications for 2023 entry. Apply via PS16 before 31st January 2023.

Admissions are processed through an online system called PS16. You’ll most likely apply with your secondary school. But if you are applying independently, these steps might help.

You should create an account and fill in all of the relevant information; to avoid disappointment, ensure that you’ve checked our entry requirements first. You’ll also need to provide us with contact details for your current school so we can obtain information of your predicted grades.

For an instant update on your PS16 application you can log in to your account where you’ll find visual confirmation as to which stage we’re at with your form. If at any stage you require further clarification, please contact our Head of Admissions, Ryan Pemberton, at [email protected] or our Admissions Administrators, Habiba Patel and Jayne Crouch, at [email protected].

Can we take you on a tour?

Join Mr Allen and Miss Messahel for a tour of Beauchamp City Sixth Form! If you want to walk our corridors for yourself, check out our 3D Matterport.

What do our students say?

Read and hear all about what our students have to say about life at Beauchamp City.

When people asked why I wanted to go to Beauchamp City Sixth Form, I’d say it was the closest school to me – yes, I can walk home as I live quite close but, there's more to it than that...

A big factor for me was that it was in the Lionheart Academies Trust. I went to a secondary school which was also in the Trust so I knew the environment would be familiar to me.

BCSF was the perfect mix of a proper school with the flexibility of being at a sixth-form; we can go home early if we don’t have lessons in the afternoon but still have designated study periods and are checked on to make sure that we’re keeping on top of everything. It’s only a tertiary school so there are no year 7s or 8s running around either but it’s not as big as some other sixth-forms so you still get the personal touch from the staff. Another bonus is that it’s in the city centre so travelling in by train or bus is easier and cheaper than alternatives especially if there isn’t a sixth-form provider in your area but it also means that lunch can get interesting. The refectory has amazing food at low prices but if that’s not for you there’s plenty of restaurants nearby down Granby Street you can try out, or go with packed lunch.

I also think BCSF is one of the only schools that offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award which looks great on CVs and university applications.

It’s awesome! I made the right choice coming to BCSF.

Bhavneeta, Year 12
Studying: A-level Biology, Chemistry, Maths, & Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Education is vital to progress and Beauchamp City Sixth Form is a direct path to fly ahead into a bright future. I’m aspiring to end up with four A-levels at the end of my two years at Beauchamp City and after joining, I can truly say that there was no better option for me.

Why did I decide to join Beauchamp City Sixth Form?

Growing up, I’ve always wanted the best for me. I believe it is incredibly necessary for me to aim high so that I can achieve my goals and targets in life and I have always wanted to go for the best possible options available to me.
Recalling back to information evening in secondary school, I still feel the confusion I felt then of how my one decision of where I go on to study further will affect my whole future. Amidst this confusion, I remember speaking to a member of the Beauchamp City team who had kindly
informed me that they wish for students at Beauchamp City to go the furthest they can with their education.

Instantly, I realised that Beauchamp City is the place for me, a place where I can challenge my ability and get to the highest point I sincerely deserve.

So what does a typical day look like?

A typical school day begins at 8:35am in form, where we get a chance to get our brains processing as well as given important life advice from our guiding form tutors. Being in the great Chemistry teacher, Dr Sangar’s form, I must say form time is extremely informative as well as being full of entertainment, a great way to boost my energy for a full day of work.

I can’t deny that my day is hectic and apart from break or lunch, I’m constantly doing something productive, whether I’m in a lesson or I have a free period. Despite having such a busy routine, I find that it is perfect for numerous reasons. Firstly, the day is split out evenly so that between lessons I have break and lunch where I can cool down.

Furthermore, having facilities like the learning resource centre means I can get a lot of work done in my free periods so I have more time for myself at home. How perfect is that? Having a set routine, being up to date with work and also having time for things I enjoy. It’s great!

How would I describe my experience in Beauchamp City so far?

Well in one word, I’d say perfect.

Beauchamp City provides me with the education and routine I’ve always needed. I can’t deny that at times I struggle and feel off track however I must say that every member of staff at Beauchamp City Sixth Form is very supportive and have always guided me and for this reason I would say that...

I am lucky to be studying at such an amazing place!

Fatima, Year 12
Studying: A-level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, English Literature, & Physics

So, you may be wondering, what will a normal day be like?
Well typically everyone has a timetable which is set up depending on the courses you decide to undertake. You may receive half days where you can leave at 12:30 and get home to do some study in the comfort of your own home. When I get into the building I head straight to form, and have my tutor explain the news for the day, typically related to special talks from colleges or places for work (which personally is quite interesting) which lasts from 8:30-8:50am.

English Literature is period 1 & 2 and with my English teacher always early and in class I enter and sit down, getting my laptop out and the workbooks she printed out for us during the start. Now when it comes to lessons in college, you have much more freedom when it comes to your own personal work. You will have debates, talks and general explanations about a certain topic like Othello in which instead of actually copying the board and not understanding the notes later, you have to work on your feet and make them personal to suit (in my situation it's word documents and fancy handwriting).

Silent Study
The most efficient, helpful, and effortless lesson in the day! (use it wisely). When I have silent study during period 3-4 after break its mostly getting your head down and doing work. The whole location is quiet, calm and everyone is making some sort of progress. In my personal opinion without silent study, I would not have finished homework or studied. It’s the type of atmosphere that just MAKES you work, really good stuff.

At BCSF we have beehive, where teachers send you the task and links (with the deadline and due date) meaning you can organize when you do your work, you always have a reminder and it’s just very stress-free.

Breaks & Lunchtime
Here is what you guys may be most interested in, so food wise BCSF have a really good canteen and if you wish for something more you can go out to buy McDonalds, subway, or some chicken nuggets. During lunchtimes which are from 12:30 – 1:10 you can go to a nearby food stall and get yourself something. Breaks you can’t leave BCSF but everything is open and loads of space to huddle up with your group and just chat.

Why THIS college?
Before I had no idea what this college was, I was clueless and only had 3 courses on my mind (which I’m doing now).

This college has really, and I’m serious, REALLY good teachers which know how to help you get full marks.

They alter the way they teach to allow the entire class to learn more efficiently and make sure you reach higher than you originally believe you would achieve. In Psychology I have two teachers and they both separate to allow us to learn at a quicker rate, making lessons fun using skittles and cookies (I ate them all – sorry, not sorry!). In sociology you get these fun tables which have everything you need and it’s just fun and compact to make into study games or notes. Literature is just so fun and easy, straight to the point and you even get to watch entire movies and plays.

Is it worth It?
For someone who speaks a different language and used to have bad grades, this college helped me figure out my career options, my grades and my mental state.
This kind of college is much more simple, less stressful, and supportive. Trust me on this.

It helped me find myself and it may help you find yourself too.

Natalia, Year 12
Studying: A-level Psychology, English Literature, & Sociology

So, what does a typical day at BCSF look like?
The day always starts with a trip to tutor time where you ease yourself into the day and socialise with friends. Also, during tutor time, we usually discuss a range of different topics from British Law to human rights and freedom of speech. After tutor time, we are expected to either attend our timetabled lessons/supervised study sessions or go to one of the independent study areas to work where we’re allowed to chat quietly with friends whilst getting on with homework and/or revision.
During break and lunch we can grab a drink and hot or cold snack from the refectory. At lunchtime, or after period 5, we can go home if we want to if there aren’t any timetabled lessons in the afternoon. Although, we can always choose to stay and study in one of the allocated areas or the library. The college day ends at 2:50.

How has my BCSF experience been so far?
It has been both challenging and exciting. The teachers are really supportive and they’re always willing to chat if you have any concerns with subject work or college in general.

How about careers advice?
In Year 12, we are all signed up to a platform called “Unifrog” which combines personality tests and subjects that you’re studying to give ideal post-18 courses. This could be an apprenticeship, a university course or any other pathway such as the army.

Why did I choose Beauchamp City Sixth Form?
BCSF is easily accessible within the city centre and is around great attractions to visit during lunchtimes or after the college day is over. And, there is a Student Support Centre (SSC) which you can visit if you have any worries in general about college life.

I look forward to seeing you at Beauchamp City next year!

Preetum, Year 12
Studying: A-level English Literature, Chemistry, Physics, & Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

I guess you’re wondering what a typical day for me looks like?
Well, let me tell you.

I walk through the college doors at about 8.10 in the morning and I always bump into someone at the door and we have a little chat; it’s always an amazing start to my day.

I meet up with my friends and we talk, laugh and chill until we have to go to form. I personally really enjoy form. It’s a relaxed classroom setting where we can just sit and talk to our tutor about pretty much anything. My form tutor is AMAZING; I feel very comfortable to approach him.

Then lessons start. My biology lessons on Monday and Tuesday are usually quite challenging, but I get loads of support from my teachers, so I’m coping. I have chemistry on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which to me is the most enjoyable lesson. I learn a lot and my teachers are very funny; they even push me to go beyond the A level syllabus, which is actually fun! I have maths on Thursday and Friday. In my opinion, maths is quite a laid back lesson, as I can easily get the work done. Imagine that!

The independent study sessions are brilliant for group work. We can sit together and go through any work we’re struggling with or just feel like doing together.

The Beauchamp City Sixth Form community is awesome. Everyone respects each other, I’ve not seen any discrimination, and teachers respect us too.

I’m so glad I chose BCSF, as I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Zaynab, Year 12
Studying: A-level Biology, Chemistry, Maths


Jade is studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Beauchamp City Sixth Form. She joined us from Babington Academy.


Todd is studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science at Beauchamp City Sixth Form. He joined us from Brockington College


Sawsan is studying Business, Economics and Psychology at Beauchamp City Sixth Form. She joined us from Babington Academy.


Jordan is studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Beauchamp City Sixth Form. He joined us from Brookdale Groby.


Fatima is studying Chemistry, Maths and Economics at Beauchamp City Sixth Form. She joined us from New College Leicester.


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