March 31, 2023

Work Experience Week Success

Beauchamp City’s Year 12 students recently took part in a successful work experience week, with three-quarters of the year group securing placements across a wide range of industries. 

The students were able to work with a variety of providers, including doctors' surgeries, motor mechanics, and retail outlets. Throughout their placements, students developed crucial communication, teamwork, and interview skills, working alongside professionals and gaining valuable experience. 

The week culminated in mock interviews, where students had the chance to put their newfound skills into practice, receiving valuable feedback from a range of local employers. 

Students also had the opportunity to reflect on their personal development over the course of the week. Many highlighted the skills they had gained, with one student noting, "I've learned a lot about how to deal with the public," while another added, "I got to see how a doctor diagnosed broken ribs and then organised for the patient to get to Accident and Emergency." 

Despite some nerves, students were glad for the chance to participate in the mock interviews, with one student saying, "The mock interview was nerve-wracking, but I'm glad I did it; it was good practice." 

Overall, Beauchamp City's work experience week proved to be a valuable and rewarding experience for all involved, allowing students to gain crucial skills and knowledge for their future careers.