September 30, 2023

Beauchamp City Sixth Form Students Embark on Eye-Opening Educational Trip to Iceland

Year 13 students studying A-Level Geography from both Beauchamp City Sixth Form and Beauchamp College recently embarked on an unforgettable three-day trip to Iceland.  

The primary purpose of this exciting trip was for the students to immerse themselves in the world of physical Geography, relating back to the topic they previously studied in Year 12 called Tectonic Activity and Processes.  

Iceland, renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and unique geological features, provided the ideal backdrop for our students to explore and apply their knowledge. 

The group visited a plethora of breathtaking locations, including the Gullfoss waterfalls, exploring an extinct volcano and the Pingvallavant Lake at the Continental divide. The students expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to witness geological phenomena firsthand. 

The trip provided a memorable and beneficial experience that will undoubtedly enhance their academic journey. 

It also shows that at Beauchamp City Sixth Form we are dedicated to providing enriching educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom, preparing students for a future where curiosity and exploration are valued.