October 15, 2023

Beauchamp City Sixth Form’s New Hindu Society Celebrates Diversity and Navratri Celebration.

At Beauchamp City Sixth Form, our students are embracing the beauty of diversity with the recent establishment of their student-led Hindu society.  

The society is quickly making its mark, fostering an inclusive environment for students and teachers from varied backgrounds and religions to come together and celebrate different aspects of Hindu culture. 

Recently, the school’s Assembly Hall came alive with vibrant colours, rhythmic beats, and joyful laughter as the Hindu society organised a Navarati celebration. It provided an opportunity for both students and teachers to immerse themselves in the traditions of Hinduism as they learnt dance moves and spoke about what Navaratri represents.  

The event kicked off with a lively traditional dance, known as Garba. Students enthusiastically learned the dance moves, twirling and clapping their hands in rhythm. 

But the Navrati celebration was not just about dance, it was also an opportunity for attendees to learn about the significance of the festival. Students and teachers engaged in discussions, gaining insights into the cultural and religious aspects of Navrati. 

The Navarti celebration organised by the Hindu society served as a shining example of how student-led initiatives can promote cultural exchange and understanding among diverse backgrounds. 

It was an incredible afternoon, and we are proud of all of our students.