January 19, 2023

Beauchamp City founders celebrate their A Level success.

Our founding students returned to Beauchamp City this January, primarily to collect their A Level certificates, but also to share their achievements since leaving with such excellent results. 

Principal, Mr McKenna, spoke about their resilience and fortitude throughout their time with us, and the pride in their individual successes. Students took the opportunity to mingle and catch up with friends, some of whom they haven't seen since starting university or employment, and their teachers.  

It was heart-warming to hear how much students missed the community here, but also how excited they were about all the new adventures they have undertaken. There was a real buzz to the event!  

As always, we invite our alumnus to keep in touch with us and update us on their growing list of accomplishments, and we wish them well for their future endeavours. 


We're building our alumni network and would love to hear from ex-students about their journey since leaving College.  

Sharing real-life and relatable stories of achievement with current students is a great source of inspiration and encouragement, so we'd really appreciate your support.  

If you are interested in becoming part of our alumni network, please use (or share) the form link below.  

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