LIBF level 3 certificate in financial services

The Certificate in Financial Studies (CeFS) has been designed to provide you with a challenging qualification covering the core disciplines of financial capability. You are encouraged to become responsible borrowers, sensible savers, and have an appreciation of the need for financial planning throughout your life.

Regardless of which career path you decide to take, being financially capable can make a big difference, putting you in a great position to make sound financial decisions throughout your life.
You will learn the importance of being able to plan for your immediate, short-term and long term financial needs, e.g. planning to buy your first car, managing your money after 6th form, saving for the future.

The course will allow you to understand:

  • The different financial products and services available for savings and the key features of interest and charges on borrowing.
  • The need to budget for future aspirations and life events
  • The risk and reward in managing finances
  • How to make informed choices about the products
  • The different financial products for investment and the charges attached to them.

Length of course
Cefs is a 1 year course, covering 2 units. Each unit will be assessed via 2 components. 35 multiple choice questions (e-test or written) and a written exam, based on a Pre-release case study. There is opportunity to retake each unit component before the end of the academic year.

The skills and knowledge developed in CeFS can be extended by taking two further units to form the ifs Level 3 Diploma in Financial Studies (DipFS), or by other options for Further or Higher Education study.

The financially-related content of this qualification provides a foundation for continued study within finance and business-related disciplines, with many students going on to study subjects such as accounting, business, finance and banking at Higher Education Institutions or through further vocational training. The transferable skills developed are also valuable for further study in unrelated disciplines and the financial capability content and skills support students in making informed decisions about the value of personal, employment and study options and budgeting whilst studying.

"CeFS is worth more than 70 UCAS points. It’s about you, your finances and ultimately, your future. It will help you get your head around university, debt and give you advice on how you can manage your money for those important things in life, getting a house or having kids."
– Lisa Davis, Student who completed the Cefs course in 2015

"[In an] increasingly complex world, young people need to be financially aware in todays society to thrive."
– Jane Chandler, University Academy Holbeach, Maths Teacher

"Children leave school at times uninformed or lacking knowledge. This can lead to financial problems in the future as adults. It is very important."
– B. Joseph, Riverston School, LSA